We'll bake the Cake, all you have to do is Eat it

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses connect with customers that are looking to engage with brands online to increase the loyalty to each other. We have worked in restaurants for almost a decade so we understand what Chefs and Restaurant owners need and what the customers are looking for. We will ensure that you can do your job to the fullest of your ability without having to worry about what is going on online and beyond.

We'll be your liaison between you and your clients

Think of us as your Director of Marketing and Director of Communications. Want us to take care of your social media so you don't have to? Piece of cake. Speak to Yelp on your behalf? We'd love to! Any sales pitch that comes your way, hand them off to us and we'll let you know if it's worth your time. We'll handle the communication with your clients, third party vendors, and even take over your email newsletter so you can do your job. This way we can build your brand and create a loyal community of Food Loving Fans while giving you your time back.


Michael Rasile

Michael Rasile founded Digital Media Cuisine to get back to his roots of constantly being in restaurants. Michael spent many hours working in restaurants with his Mother from a young age which developed his love of food, people, and chefs. He graduated from Rutgers Business School with a BS in Marketing. He became a Financial Advisor for 2+ years and realized it was not his true calling. Coming to terms with himself, he knew he needed to get back into the restaurant space in some way, shape, or form. He created DMC in 2017 to rekindle the fire of what he loved most, being in restaurants and helping chefs and restaurant owners be better at their jobs everyday.